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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  August 26, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> i'll have your local forecast coming up in just a bit for now sending it back to you. >> thank you chelsea. tropical storm harvey weakens in strength as it stalls over the lone star state. some folks near houston texas who decided to stay put are describing the terrifying moments as the storm passed
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through last night. "eyewitness news" reporter >> reporter: we heard about where that suspected tornado happened. jamie phillips and she and harry family from aston but moved to the aston area for her husband's job. take a look at these pictures. she says her neighborhood south of houston they thought they were in the clear from the main brunt of hurricane harvey but philip says the hurricane spawned pretty devastating tornado that that ripped through her neighborhood. listen to her describe the damage and the moment the tornado hit at 1:00 in the morning. >> about 50 homes lost roofs of the one of my friends the roof is in their living room. another friend had parts of tree through her bathroom. a little girl's window blew out and she got injured. people were having to run to get to closets. it sounded like a freight train. it was just scary.
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>> reporter: local volunteer groups from that greater philadelphia red cross organizations are already in texas helping first responders and trucks full of supplies from our area also on their way down t live in the sat center henry rosoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> we'll continue to monitor harvey as the storm spins and changes over texas this week. remember when we aren't on air you can always get the latest online a philadelphia public schoolteacher charged with making terroristic threats against a police officer. after -- there its say 63-year-old john edwards sheeran made verbal threats of violence towards an officer on august 16th. he was arrested without incident. the school district of philadelphia says sheeran has been moved from his position as a teacher while they conduct an investigation. they did give us a statement.
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lee whack from the philadelphia school district released this this morning saying the safety of our students and staff is our highest priority. this is a matter which we take very seriously. the school district is aware of his arrest but prior to his arrest mr. sheeran had been under investigation. he has been removed from his school pending our investigation. now if you saw a pack of pink walking through philadelphia today you are watching day two of the susan g. komen three day. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh has more on their walk for a cure. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: packs of pink as the golden hughes of sunlight the way. they walk. >> celebrate life, celebrate life. >> reporter: but there were darker times for many here. >> i actual had a doctor tell me i would probably not live to see my 43rd birthday. >> reporter: after metastatic breast cancer dying notice. sharon thought she was running out of time. she turned 50 this weekend and is in remission a fitting
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celebration during the 13th annual susan g. komen three day in philadelphia. 400 people from across the country are walking 60 miles across our region to show cancer it won't win. >> good morning. >> reporter: the event takes place in six other u.s. cities, too. and maryland fuller smith says someone-year-old breast cancer survivor from camp hill pennsylvania takes part in every single one. >> onanybody to have to go through what we've all gone through. >> reporter: though she beat cancer 17 years ago, she now walks so everyone has the chance to do the same. money raised through the event funds research that could help find a cure. >> there's hope. there is hope for you, there's hope for me, there's hope for all of us that one day we will end breast cancer. >> reporter: but in the moments waves of weakness waft over. >> it's a little bit tough, you join up with somebody else and you just take care of each other. >> reporter: because this pack of pink is a family of
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survivors of spouses of soldiers who will battle cancer until there's no longer a need for this walk. in fort washington, anita oh, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, still ahead on "eyewitness news," take cover. there are kids and they are armed with foam darts in new jersey. what started as a simple idea is now a full blown war dart movement. a closer look at a new way kids can play in washington township. later we continue to monitor the damage tropical storm harvey is causing and some professionals are concerned about mental health. how weather
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>> ♪ >> it was a quiet morning for some. two major social media platforms were a little antisocial today. facebook and instagram were both offline for some user around 9:00 this morning. facebook blamed an unspecified technical issue and said it was working to fix it. it is still unclear what caused the problem. now a new family friendly indoor playground opened this weekend in washington township that let's customers really have a blast. darts of war nerf style arena. people come as individuals or groups and compete in foam dart games. doug and christie from gloucester township decided to open the arena on the black horse pike in washington township to give families the type of safe and fun environment that they wanted to send for their own kids. >> we want them playing. we want them running around. we don't want kids sitting on
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their computers and watching tv. this is what we wanted to do to have our family doing something together. >> darts of war is open daily and the cost is $12 for an hour long session. now check out this incredible sunflower grown by a chester county family with a serious green thumb. sis see cole sent us this photo of her daughter michelle standing by papa the sunflower. the family planted the seeds in may and the plant just never stopped going. thanks for sending us that photo. this is some good gardening weather this summer. >> yeah, we've had a lot of rain and that definitely herbed. now we have the sunshine for the past few days making for a very beautiful weekend. the official high temperature today in philadelphia that was 80 degrees so seasonably cool out there. the average high for this time of year is 84 but i've heard no complaints, people just have been enjoying this fantastic weather and we have a fantastic evening heading our way.
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by 8:00 p.m., temperatures dropping down to around 73 degrees. by 10 o'clock, we're down to 70 at midnight turning cool with those clear skies, 67 degrees. we'll drop down into the lower 60's later on into the overnight hours. so kind of one of those nights you can open up the windows yet again and let in some of that fresh and really comfortable air. we're down to 79 degrees in philadelphia, 78 in millville, down the shore temperatures are checking in in the mid 70's there in wildwood, atlantic city it's 76 degrees in trenton right around 75 in reading. look at these dewpoints. i saw many dewpoints earlier today in the upper 40's. right now we're checking in in the lower 50's in philadelphia. this is rare especially for this time of year so enjoy this low humidity. it is going to continue as we finish out your weekend. and we're also going to round out the komen three day with gorgeous weather on sunday. you can look for a high temperature right around 79, winds out of the northeast at around five to 10 but yet another great day for that. here's a live look at storm
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scan3 at home things are quiet. mostly clear skies that are going to be developing overnight but we are monitoring a circulation located over florida. this is going to be bringing us problems as we head into about the tuesday through thursday time frame. let me show that you here on future weather. we're quiet heading into sunday. also quiet as we start out the work week. but we'll have some showers perhaps on our doorstep heading into tuesday. here's a look at that circulation off shore about tuesday afternoon located just south and east of the eastern shore of maryland. it's going to be working its way off to the north and east but it will be bringing us chances for showers tuesday, probably wednesday and also on thursday so our dry streak is going to come to an end. mostly clear and comfortable though tonight 61 for that overnight low temperature as we head into sunday bright sunshine, also seasonably cool once again feeling like fall with a high temperature of 79 degrees. here's a live look at our neighborhood network. you're looking at beach patrol headquarters, just a beautiful fantastic day down there today and we have another one where
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that came from as we head into sunday so just a great beach weekend. we've had that low risk of rip currents but as we head into monday, probably even tuesday we'll likely see moderate maybe even high risk of rip currents. temperatures in the mid 70's monday and tuesday with chances for showers by tuesday. here's a look at your eyewitness weather seven-day forecast. it goes like this. 78 degrees as we head into monday with a mix of sun and clouds. on tuesday, this is when we're going to bring in that chance for a spotty shower. we'll also have shower chances into wednesday and then as we head into thursday, temperatures are going to be seasonably cool through the week. we're looking at mid to upper 70's tuesday and wednesday, 83 on thursday and upper 70's as we head into next weekend. >> we have to squeeze in those shore weekends with those 70 temperatures. >> i know. >> can it be that summer is winding down. >> yes, yes, we're watching the phillies still and we're getting some interest right
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now as facebook continues tonight. phillies taking on the cubs game two at citizens bank park in about 30 minutes. rhys hoskins is the talk of the town, rookie's two run blast last night made him the first player in baseball history with nine home runs in his first 16 games and he is taking his success in stride. >> yeah, i don't know if it's hit me yet. you know, it's pretty cool to be mentioned in a sentence that's, you know, first ever or, you know, tied for whatever, you know,. >> to football the eagles return to practice tomorrow but this afternoon the team make something roster moves ahead of their final preseason game at the new york jets thursday night. the birds waived wide receiver steven lucas and david watford and tay glover wright. philadelphia soul will host the tampa bay soul in
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area 13 bowl. minutes away from kickoff. this is the championship trophy. the soul is looking for its second straight championship and the head coach met with the media on friday. he said the pass rush will be key in trying to contain storm quarterback randy hipper. philadelphia union back in action hosting the atlanta united in chester. game time 7 o'clock. union looking to bounce back after losing three-nothing on the road against toronto wednesday night. they're still trying to earn a playoff berth in the east. the union right now six points out of that final spot. and in las vegas, the countdown is on tonight that super fight between floyd mayweather and ufc light weight champion connor mcgregor. the two weighed in ahead of their much anticipated showdown on friday. both coming in at 151 pounds. the two have been trash talking since the fight was announced in june. the fight is expected to start around midnight.
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these kids will likely be staying on late to cheer on connor mcgregor. an thanks in part to the ultimate fighting championship with stars like mcgregor and rhonda rossi. many participate in mma matches for youth across the world. >> helps me be more confident. >> when we first started we would go to tournaments and maybe there was like a hundred kids and now in the database we probable have about six or 700 that are looking for fights actively. >> it really is getting so, so popular. >> oh, it is and i feel like with this fight tonight mcgregor holds that underdog kids like that are really rooting for them. still ahead on "eyewitness news," while many are worried about what harvey will do to their physical possessions, mental health professionals say the storm can take a toll on the mind. >> trigger us to remember prior incidents.
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>> what psychologists are suggesting people do if they are triggered by the storm. and how severe weather could
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. over the last 12 years since katrina doctors and therapists have treated many people for the emotional toll the storm took on people's lives. now as harvey hits texas some are reliving dark days. mental health professionals in new orleans say that when weather and disasters loom they see a spike in mental health calls. katrina was life changing for everyone in that region. relationships broke up domestic violence cases spiked and so did drug and alcohol use. >> i think we've had a significant increase in weather-related anxiety. we had a a lot of ptsd in the years after katrina.
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>> professionals say the best way to beat the blues is to be prepared. they also encouraged those who may be triggered by storms to surround themselves with friends and family. and as for children, a reassuring adult is always t
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>> and finally tonight, a bengal tiger cub that a teen tried smuggling into the u.s.
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from mexico is now being cared for by the san diego zoo safari park. the cub was found by the u.s. fish and wildlife service officers lying on the floor of a passenger side of a car during an inspection early wednesday morning. the california teenager said that he had bought the five week old bengal tiger cub on the streets of tijuana for $300. staff at the zoo's hospital examined the cub and say he is in overall good health. >> well, guys, it looks like our dry stretch is going to be coming to an end. i know, but we still have another great sunday in store, 79 degrees, bright sunshine. we should be dry on monday to start out the work week, 78 degrees. but then we will have chances for showers tuesday wednesday and even thursday i think before we dry out as we kick off labor day weekend. >> all right, well, thank you so much. that is "eyewitness news." i'm alexandria hoff for lesley chelsea and everyone here, thanks for joining us and remember we are always online at we will see you at 10:00 on the cw philly and then back
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here on cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. have a great night. captioning sponsored by cbs with deadly force. >> no joke. >> those powerful hurricanes to lit the lone star state in more than 50 years. >> people understand the longevity is going through the weekend. >> 1030 mile a 10 mile winds. hundreds of miles of coast. and that's the first. forecasters warn of potentially catastrophic rain that will continue. >> there's this sheer wall a hundred miles an hour. it's crazy. >> also tonight as the hurricane hits, president trump sets off a political storm


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